University Unitarian Church


This morning I went to the University Unitarian church, near the U-District in Seattle.

My girlfriend, who has been wonderful and supportive and patient for putting up with this project I’m doing, came with me.

The Unitarian church is arranged like a large community center, and from the outside, doesn’t really look very church-like.  Inside is a lobby area with a greeter, who was handing out name-badge stickers.  We filled ours out and since we were early, stood around and talked with her for a few minutes, and I explained what I was doing.  She seemed to think it was an interesting idea.

We went into the adjoining area, outside the chapel room, where some tables had been set up and some coffee had been put out.   There we struck up a conversation with a man who was helpful and directed us to some literature on the nature of Unitarian Universalism.  After a few minutes, we went in to the chapel.

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Unitarians, unvisited.

I went to the Unitarian Universalist church today, but since they are having an annual meeting, an abbreviated service, and are focusing on welcoming members who joined in the past year, I don’t think there’d be enough for me to make a grade.  I’d much rather visit on a day I can get the whole enchilada.

So, I’ll be seeing them next week.

I did hang around and talk with a nice lady and explained what I was doing.  She told me that she felt I’d give them a good grade based on my criteria, and jotted down the blog website address.

So, if you’re reading this… hi nice lady!