Idris Mosque

IslamSymbolToday I visited a Sunni Mosque in the Northgate neighborhood of Seattle.  Idris, so named for the Saudi Sheikh who financed its construction, was built back in the 1980’s.

The part of the building that I visited was showing its age a little, and was a little small and cramped for its task.  I arrived a little bit before the service, not nearly as early as I usually do, so I really didn’t have time to wander around looking lost and talking to folks in the way I like to.

I had been playing phone tag with a person from the mosque to arrange a visit, because their website indicated that visitors needed to make an appointment.  By the way guys, your website is quite possibly the worst website for a religious institution I’ve ever seen.  Take a cue from the Mars Hill website, it’s just about the best.

Anyway, through phone messages I was able to determine that it would be okay for me to just show up at a prayer service, and I’d be welcome, and I was able to figure out the best time to go from the awful website.  I attended the mid-day service.

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