Church of Scientology, Seattle

org-sea_tourThis is my third post on the subject of Scientology, and after today’s “audit” visit, I think I have enough information to make a review and a formal score.

I’m not going to go over ground already covered in the other visit post, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you might give it a read first.

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My first visit to a Church of Scientology

Scientology_Cross_LogoI don’t have enough material to do the kind of review I’ve done for other churches, and I may never be able to, because in order to get the full message, I’ll have to pay for seminars.  I’m not willing to pay for seminars.  I do have some observations about my visit, however.

So, here goes:

The Seattle branch of the Church of Scientology is in the steeply-hilled neighborhood of Queen Anne.  It’s an impressive building, taking up much of its block.  It’s modern, square, and five stories tall.  It looks like an office building.

Even though it’s new, and modern, it fits in quite nicely in gentrified Queen Anne due to its “brick” facade, making it look like a slightly bigger, cleaner version of all of the other old brick buildings around it.

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A note about Scientology

ImageMy father was a Scientologist in the 1970’s.  I vaguely remember my dad showing me some paper-back books, with some cartoon characters in them, talking about communication with an emphasis on walls.

I don’t remember much about the books, because I was so young at the time.  I could read them, and I’ve been reading since age four or so, so the timeframe must have been in the mid-1970’s.   Also, the cartoon characters in them where somewhat stick-figure-y.  These books were specifically designed for young readers.  I liked them.

I also have a vague memory of two women coming over to do something with an e-meter, at just the wrong time, because we were getting ready to go out somewhere. My mom being rather annoyed at the timing, and at dad giving them a couple hundred bucks.

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