Hello Mormons!


Last night, between midnight and 8 am this morning, an online magazine called LDS Living drove several thousand visitors to my blog.  And they’re still coming!

I have so many emails from you guys I can’t respond to them all.  So far, they’ve all been very positive.  I want to say something.

So, thanks guys!  Thanks for the words of encouragement and the nice comments.

Edit:  Multiple edits for spelling, formatting, and posting before I am properly caffeinated.


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Washington Park Ward

This morning was one of those typical Seattle mornings.  It was kind of dark and very overcast and cool. 0609131011 Not cold, but not really warm either.  The clouds overhead looked like they could rain, but probably wouldn’t be bothered to put in the effort.

For all that people complain about Seattle weather, I kind of like it.  This kind of weather is perfect for long walks because you don’t get overheated.

My walk to the Mormon church was around two and a half miles, a little less than an hour’s walk at my pace.

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