Crown Hill United Methodist Church

This week, my first foray into the world of Religion, I decided to visit two churches: A local Methodist church, and a local Fundamentalist church.

Note: This is my first post.  If you’re wondering what the hell this is all about, what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, and why I’m doing it, then read the about page.

Crown Hill United Methodist Church

I really wanted to give this church high marks.  I liked the church, and I liked the churchgoers.  I felt welcome, and the pianist was very good.  The inside was nice, too.  I especially liked the hanging tapestries that were designed to look like stained glass, and the banners hanging behind the pulpit were also very

The church is small, it looks like it can hold maybe 70 people or so in relative comfort, and perhaps 90 in a pinch.  This Sunday, I counted only 20.

I was attracted to this church because during the time my state’s legislature was debating same-sex marriage, a message of encouragement appeared on the sign outside.  I thought this would be a pretty tolerant place.

I’m not wrong about that, but the services left me a bit disappointed, and even a little depressed.  I can’t help but feel that this church is dying.  There just aren’t enough attendees to make it viable for the long term.

The services started at around 9:15, and lasted just under 45 minutes, finishing up at about 9:56.

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