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This is the band that played on stage during my most recent visit to Mars Hill Church in Ballard.


Mars Hill Church, Ballard, Part 2


This Sunday evening, I trekked back to Mars Hill Church to give them a second look.  If you’ve been following my blog, you probably know that Mars Hill was the second church I visited, and I gave them a pretty bad score.  I also said some things about them that were pretty critical and not very positive.

You might also remember that I got some hate mail from them, and posted a rather strongly worded reply.  I took my reply down, because I didn’t feel it added anything useful to the conversation, and it was put out there during a time when I was receiving some rather emotionally charged email, and I kind of got caught up in that.  I’m a rather drama-averse person, and when I add to drama, I tend to feel that it’s a personal failure on my part.

Anyway, in all the drama, I also got some rather positive emails from the Mars Hillfolk, including several invitations to come back and give them a second look.  It was asserted to me by more than one person that all the focus on money that I encountered was due to timing.  I had simply showed up at a quarterly or annual point at which the church was asking for money and talking about money, and that if I showed up at a different time then the focus would be on something else.

So, I promised I’d go back.

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Mars Hill Church

Mars Hill Church in Ballard, Seattle.

Hoo boy.

My visit to Mars Hill Church was emotional.  At first, I was in a bit of awe.  Overwhelmed, you could say.  Then excited about the music.  Then curious, skeptical, surprised by the sheer audacity, and finally, outright pissed off.  I left in a huff.

This. Church. Sucks.

They should change their name to Mar$ Hill Church.  It’s all about the money.

So, with that happy introduction, let’s begin:

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