Epic Life Church


epiclifeMy morning began a little too early.  I had friends over last night, and I’m afraid there was both whiskey and beer involved, and this fact made my six hours of sleep a little less productive than I might otherwise like.  I managed to crawl out of bed and into a large french press full of coffee, which helped my mood considerably, but I was hardly at my best.  I needed a shave, I probably needed a shower, but mostly I needed the proper attitude to care about these two things.

I threw on some clothes, and started on the 1.1 mile walk to the Orthodox church.  The walk turned out to be very therapeutic, and after a while I began to feel a lot better.  On the way there, since I was very early, I walked through the Oak Tree Shopping Center, where the Epic Life Church meets in a theater.  Even though it was more than three hours before their services started, the theater doors were unlocked, and there was activity within.

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Oak Lake Baptist Church


(No website link)

The first church I visited today was the Oak Lake Baptist Church in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle.  Oak Lake doesn’t have a web site, so I can’t post a link here.

I chose to visit Oak Lake for three reasons:  (1) A Baptist church ranked pretty high in my poll, (2) It’s close by my home, and (3) I thought it was a Southern Baptist church.  I was wrong about (3), it’s affiliated with American Baptists, and so is a bit more liberal.  I might try to find a southern Baptist church at some point and visit it, but I’m discovering that really conservative churches are a little hard to find in Seattle.  That shouldn’t be a surprise, we are largely a bunch organic, recycling, car-free, Democrat, pot legalizing, body-pierced, computer nerd, hipster, same-sex marrying nude bikers, and that’s reflected in the general grooviness of our churches too.

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