East Side Baha’i Center


bahaicenterOn Tuesday night, I went over across the lake to Bellevue, to sit in on a devotional service at the Baha’i Center.

Bellevue is a bit off my beaten path, and I wouldn’t come over to the east side for just any church.  But the only other Baha’i devotionals near me in Seattle happen in peoples’ homes, and I’m not comfortable going to someone’s house, especially if I’m going to write about it later.   A house is a private setting, and my blog isn’t a private thing.

So, for the Baha’i, I’ve made an exception and I trundled over the bridge to visit them.

Unfortunately, I don’t yet have enough information about their services to make a proper review.  Like the minyon I attended at Beth Shalom, this is just a prayer service, and not a full-on worship service.

In fact, they really don’t have full-on worship services.  They have events, about every 19 days or so (they have a 19 day month on their calendar), that involves a speaker.  So I’m going to go to one of those in the hopes that it’s close enough to a sermon that I can write about it and give them a score.

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