Review Criteria

Following is the criteria I’m using to judge and grade various religious institutions on.  There are four categories, and it’s possible to get a score of -1 to 2 in each, yielding a range of -4 to 8 for an institution.

If you’re wondering why I’m doing this, read the About page.

What I’m looking for is religious leaders (pastors, priests, imams, rabbis, etc.) who preach something that I consider to be ethical and moral, using the following criteria:

  • Being good to your fellow human.
    Being good doesn’t mean converting him or her to your religion.  It means being nice, forgiving, reasonable, and tolerant.
    Religious leaders who include this theme in their sermon will receive a point or two.  Religious leaders who say something counter to this will get docked a point.
  • Help your community
    Helping your community doesn’t mean converting them to your religion.  It means helping people in need, direct charity and work to worthy humanitarian projects.  This can be either local, regional, national, or international, but should involve some kind of request for charity money or volunteer time.  This can be to a religious organization (obviously) but not one exclusively designed to spread the faith.  -1 to 2 points.
  • Be good to yourself
    Chill out, relax, enjoy yourself.  I’m looking for messages of personal empowerment, self-help, the general idea that it is okay for you to be you.  -1 to 2 points.
  • Good and timely advice
    Advice on how to be a moral, ethical, useful, and decent human being.  I will accept anything at all as “good” advice, even if I don’t agree with it, except for “go convert others to your religion” and of course, anything illegal or in conflict with the other criteria.   This might overlap a bit with the others, and if it does, I’ll do my best to parse it out.



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