Conversation with an Adventist, and Other Things

Doubting Thomas and Jesus

Doubting Thomas and Jesus

I’ve got a few things in the hopper that haven’t been put into words yet.  First of all, I’m done reading Unveiled Mysteries, the first book about the Saint Germain Foundation, written by its founder, about his experiences in meeting the Count of Saint Germain just prior to his establishment of the church.  I will have the last part of the review up sometime tonight.

Secondly, I got really Baha’i last night, and I want to blog about that.

And finally, I had a really interesting conversation with the pastor of the Green Lake Seventh Day Adventist Church, John McLarty.

Edit:  A copy/paste error took out a whole paragraph, which I’ll recreate here:

John emailed me that he wanted to get together for coffee. And since I had said some negative things (as well as positive things) I was a little apprehensive.  It turns out to have been a great meeting, though, so I’m glad I went.  We met at my favorite coffee shop, The Wayward Coffee House, in the Roosevelt/Ravena neighborhood of Seattle.

I arrived at the coffee shop a little late, we had coffee, and he had a sandwich, and we talked.  The conversation was warm and friendly right from the beginning.  One thing Pastor John knows how to do is put people at ease, and I certainly felt comfortable in his presence.

We talked about a lot of stuff for several hours, and only occasionally hit on the things I wrote about in my blog.  Mostly, it was theology, philosophy, ethics, morality.  I won’t bore you with the details, because the conversation, while being fascinating and entertaining for me, would probably be boring for you.  Besides, I didn’t take notes.

I did take away a few things from this conversation that I wouldn’t mind sharing, however.

John is a very, very liberal preacher in a very, very conservative faith.  He was also just as comfortable talking about things in terms of biology, evolution, and culture as he was talking about them in terms of faith, and religion, and God.  We popped in and out of both of those realms many times during the course of our conversation.  I liked that a lot.

He also said something I find very quoteworthy, and he gave me permission to repeat it here.  As I said, I didn’t take notes, so this is a paraphrasing of what he said:

The man who said religion is the opiate of the masses as if that’s a bad thing doesn’t understand how great opiates are.

This really made me laugh.  In context, he was talking about having pain medication after a surgical procedure.

He’s also written a few books, and he was nice enough to email them to me, and I look forward to reading them.

This meeting certainly got me over my fear of meeting pastors in coffee shops.  Anybody else want a conversation over a cuppa? I’m all for it.


9 thoughts on “Conversation with an Adventist, and Other Things

      • You are a braver soul that I! Then again, I’m more invested in the belief system/spirituality of it all (and he has said some pretty cruel things about my beliefs). Please blog about that meeting should it ever happen. 😀 Hey, my brother in law is attending the ReTrain there…maybe he can set something up. 😉

    • I read that Nathan Fillion went there once, because he was in town for some other reason, and heard it was a very Firefly-ish place. I think he gave a random patron a T-shirt or something like that.

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