Radio Interview, Mormon Conspiracy, and a Scorecard

byuradiologoI’m going to be on the radio, tomorrow morning, the Marcus Smith morning show on BYU Radio.  The show airs on Sirius XM chanel 143, and streaming online, from 6:00 – 8:00 am pacific time, and repeats from 8:00 to 10:00 am pacific.  The part with me should come in at around 6:30 / 8:30 (but you should listen to the whole show).  A few hours after it airs, there will be an on demand version available in cloudcast, which I will link in this post.

Update:  The BYU Radio guys are juggling their pre-recorded segments around, and now my segment might not fit into the Thursday morning show, but might be on the air at a later time.  

tin_foil_hatWhen folks link to my blog, sometimes I follow the link referrers back whence it’s linked and see what’s up.  A few days ago, I came across a forum of ex-Mormons, some of whom suspect that I’m a plant or in the pay of the Mormon church.  I wish!  If anybody wants to pay me to blog for them, hit me up!  Talk about a dream job.

If you want the TL;DR version of my reviews, I’ve created a new Scorecard page.  I’ll update it with each place I review.


9 thoughts on “Radio Interview, Mormon Conspiracy, and a Scorecard

  1. There is very little in this world as pertinaciously spiteful as an ex-Mormon. Not even ex-Catholics. (That’s supposed to be funny.)

    There’s a saying in the Mormon church: Apostates can leave the church, but they can’t seem to leave it alone.

  2. Well Mark, you got painted just like we get painted all the time by that same group. Sometimes when I read their stuff, it seems like they see everything and everyone purposely as some kind of tainted, conspiracy. Not a fun life.

  3. I’m an ex-mormon and I know better than to think it’s a crazy conspiracy. We’re not all out to get the Mormons like some would like to believe. I was a follower of your blog before the review you made about your experience in a Mormon church via the posts you had made to r/seattle. I actually felt that your experience in a Mormon church meeting was rather accurate. My reasons for leaving Mormonism had nothing to do with their meetings so I wasn’t surprised that your review painted Mormons in a more positive life. Some ex-mormons are a bit bitter because of some very bad experiences, but I hate when people think we’re all that way. I promise that we aren’t.

  4. washingtonrunner, I don’t think sushieq’s comments were directed at all ex-mormon’s. I didn’t read it that way. I have friends and family members who have left the church for various reasons and they don’t attack the church. I’m actually very interested in their perspectives. But there are a few who decide to come after the church and its beliefs and they seem very energetic in their efforts. But then those of us still there may just be a bit more sensitive. But I think every organization is ‘blessed’ with those people.

    From your comments I have little doubt that you are NOT one of those ex-mormons.

    • Heavens, of course I didn’t mean *all* ex-Mormons. I didn’t even mean *most* of them. I really only meant the angry, vengeful few.

      Sorry if I wasn’t specific enough–no offense or insult intended.

      • Sorry for misunderstanding your meaning. I guess I was being a bit sensitive about it and I apologize. Perhaps I’m the one that needs to understand that not all Mormons think ex-Mormons are spiteful. 🙂

  5. Mormons marginalize ex-mormons as a pre-emptive defensive maneuver. Any hard questions asked are referred to as “Anti-Mormon”…. this is the group who is the one an only true church on the face of the earth and Every other religion is Wrong.. According to Mormon definition of “Anti” 60,000 Mormon Missionaries are Anti-Athiests, Anti-Catholics Anti……..

    For future reference notice that the Mormons ALWAYS get soooooo upset when you bring up things from their history like how Joseph Smith not only married 14 year old girls, but married may other men’s wives..Brigham Young saying that Men had to spill their own Blood because there were certain sins that Jesus’s atonement….

    How do they answer for all the disappearing stuff?? Disappearing Gold Plates, Disappearing Rock Box the Gold Plates were in, Disappearing Urim and Thummin, Disappearing evidence for LAMANITES…. or should I say LAMEanites???

    Disappearing Tithing —- Jesus’s Personal BILLION dollar Mall in Salt Lake City —- Mormon involvement in prop 8.

    How come they have Joseph Smith’s Seerstone and the Book of Abraham papyrus LOCKED IN THEIR OWN CHURCH VAULT??? LOLOLOL — that’s pretty funny stuff

    What ever happened to people’s skins getting “White and Delightsome/” Disappeared?? I still have it in my pre 1978 Book of Mormon!!!

    There is so much ammunition in the Mormon church’s own history that gets their Garments (special underwear) all in a bunch..

    This whole Mormon Missionary on the internet thing is going to be so fun to watch, there’s so many difficult questions that they are going to have to answer or call ANTI-MORMON….grab your popcorn 🙂

    • I guess it’s not that fun for mormons to defend what they don’t have enough info to defend in the way they would choose. I think that I would just leave the tough questions to the tough individuals. There are more than one point of view, and it’s probably not worth someone’s time to explain it to one they can’t get through to. Can’t blame ’em.

  6. Edit…. I just re-read it and realized I was wrong by saying that ALL mormons get upset when the Mormon History is brought up….That was an error… I meant that Many Mormons get upset…. not all.

    Please Forgive

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