Some folks are blocked from viewing my site

ImageI guess the blog’s gotten popular enough that employers are starting to prevent their employees from reading it at work.

I look through the “link referrers” on WordPress to tell me where folks have heard about the blog. At the moment, most of the traffic is coming from Facebook.  But there are also lots of hits from other sites as well.

On the admin page, I came across a number of entries that look like this:

The part that says “blockOptions” shows that a program is running that blocks access to this site.  In other words, someone saw a link to my site, possibly from Facebook, clicked on it, and got blocked.

Putting the front set of numbers, the IP address into Whois.Net’s lookup gives me this:

OrgName:        US Courts
OrgId:          AOUSC
Address:        One Columbus Circle, NE
City:           Washington
StateProv:      DC

So, someone in the IT department at the US Courts in Washington DC has blocked users of their LAN from reading my blog.

There are other blocks, from private networks, and one entry from California Department of Water Management.

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  Part of me is intrigued:  My little blog has gotten so much attention that some folks want to block it.  Part of me is a little annoyed:  I’d much rather people be able to read it, and I really like reading the comments and responding to the emails.  Part of me is understanding: I wouldn’t want my employees spending all their time horsing around on the internet either.


7 thoughts on “Some folks are blocked from viewing my site

    • I definitely will at some point. I never knew they existed, but someone on Reddit told me about them. Probably 2 to 3 weeks down the road, I’ll give them a visit.

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