Synagogue, Buddhist Monastery, and Kingdom Hall coming up


Watch this space.  Early Friday morning (May 31)  I’m reviewing a synagogue, Sunday morning (June 2) a Buddhist monastery, and Sunday afternoon (June 2) a Jehovah’s Witness kingdom hall.

I’m waiting to hear back on an arrangement to visit a mosque, and next Sunday (June 9) will probably be Latter Day Saints and/or Unitarians.  Subject to change.

Update: Will be watching streaming broadcast of mosque services Friday (May 31) evening.  Assuming technology works, and assuming it’s going to be of an actual service, I’ll review it.

Edit: For misspelling “Jehovah”

Update Again:  The streaming service didn’t quite work out.  It’s probably for the best, I’d rather visit in person anyway.


6 thoughts on “Synagogue, Buddhist Monastery, and Kingdom Hall coming up

  1. I attend All pilgrims Christian Church on Broadway which of course I suggest but we also host joint events with the Iman Center in Kirkland, I have gone there for their services, they are a great group of people, I suggest contacting them as a mosque to visit.

    • I will look into the Iman center, thanks. It’s a bit of a hike from where I live, but a recommended place is always a good thing.

  2. I’m an ex-Jehovah’s Witness who is very interested to read about your experiences at the Kingdom Hall. Just a head’s up, usually part of the Sunday meeting involves studying from the latest Watchtower magazine. You may want to ask for a copy so that you can read along.

    P.S. Jehovah is misspelled in your post.

  3. I’m an ex-mormon and can’t wait to see your review. Just so you know the first Sunday of the month at an LDS church is quite different from any other Sunday (just in case you aren’t aware of this). The first Sunday is called “Fast Sunday” in which everyone fasts and anyone can come to the front of the meeting and “bear their testimony” of the church. All other Sunday’s have a few assigned speakers. Anyway, you may want to consider trying a Fast Sunday and a non-fast Sunday if you’re up to it.

  4. As a (sort-of) Unitarian Universalist, I’m excited to see you’re considering visiting a UU church. The whole religion is basically built around your criteria (e.g., heavy emphasis on respect for others, community, and social justice). Some of them are a little too crunchy granola for me, but I like the one in Wedgwood a lot.

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